iDecisionSciences, LLC, delivers science-based risk management research and analysis to help our clients address potential food safety risks, manage costs, and achieve performance improvements. Through original and existing published scientific research, we derive practical solutions necessary for effective management decision-making. We enable produce growers, grower-shippers, processors, handlers, and other supply chain members to confidently manage their food safety-related risks. 


Food Safety commodity-specific best practices

Each produce commodity is unique. Some fruits have soft exteriors and grow on trees.  Others have hard exteriors and grow at or below the ground. Regardless of the commodity, there are always potential food safety risks. Commodity-specific food safety practices are essential for identifying and addressing specific commodity food safety concerns. We have worked  on behalf of several industry associations to help develop commodity-specific food safety guidelines for  leafy greens, green onions, fresh culinary herbs, potatoes, and cantaloupes.  In some cases we managed the development of commodity-specific best practices along with supporting documents (e.g., standard operating procedures, water system surveys, environmental assessments, etc.) and associated training programs. We are experienced in managing and facilitating the guideline development process, engaging with experts and government agencies as needed to maximize stakeholder buy-in and expand scientific and technical support.


FOOD SAFETY COMpliance management

Implementing the FDA’s FSMA-related rules requires companies to examine their current food safety practices and make modifications accordingly. iDS has many years of experience supporting associations and companies with this effort. Our staff is experienced in engaging with fresh produce companies and helping them adapt to FSMA, buyer requirements, mandatory state programs, and / or voluntary industry programs. As an extension of our customer engagement initiatives we actively support the transition to the new regulatory environment.